Ideas for an Organic Wedding

In this blog post we are going to share some ideas for a natural, organic wedding. If you are not into “themes” or very colorful palletes, this might be the way to go.

Comfy and friendly, the natural looks will make everyone feel safe and chill, and the decoration will fit in any kind of venue: at the open, at the beach, at a salon, at a garden…. Just take a look and get inspired, this might just be the design you are looking for!

Let’s start by saying that even if the location isn’t “all natural” having spaces with the natural vibe will help. It could be a little yard or garden, or big dreamy trees. The thing is to feel close to nature!

All photos in this article: © Gisselle Photography

If your venue doesn’t have this kind of space, you can place a natural wall somewhere for the photoshoot or place it behind the table where the couple will enjoy dinner, but a venue with a hut, garden or trees work the best.

Another great idea is the table decoration. Look how the natural essence is expressed in this next picture. The table is dark elegant wood with colorful flowers with long leaves decorating the plates.

From this same setup:  the back of the grooms’ chairs are fresh, green and surely will make them feel they are having a natural wedding. You can read the words: ‘señora’ and ‘señor’ which stands for mistress and mister. I think it is a sweet detail.

Another thing you can do for the natural look in your wedding is to apply the ‘rules’ to yourself. You can add flowers to your loose hair, ditching the salon, or try to use natural colors in your makeup, avoiding high contrast colors and trying to look as natural as you can. I’m sure you will look gorgeous, because your smile will be the best makeup!

People always use flowers and they are organic elements, but you can go a step ahead with the decoration to offer a green, natural wedding. If you add this to your wedding at the beach in Cancun or Riviera Maya I bet your guests will be amazed by the colors, the freshness, the sea breeze, the beach sight…. Get inspired and if you decide to go for this style, please share with me. I’d love to see how it went!