How to plan your wedding without stress

One of the most common feelings women have when they get engaged is the overwhelming stress and anxiety to plan ahead the perfect wedding. Maybe your mind is trying to think about all the steps that you need to get done and maybe you feel you know anything about flowers, decor, vendors…


Let me give you a little piece of advice before you go overthink and overdrive: don’t jump right away and start wedding planning. Live your engagement and excitement! Let yourself enjoy every piece of congratulation, and then start planning after a few weeks. You will start with the right foot instead of racing your brain to the future. Enjoy the moment of today, knowing that you will spend the rest of your life with your best friend.


All photos in this article: © Gisselle Photography


You can set up a couple of weeks to start planning. Begin by prioritizing what you need to get done by 9 – 12 months, 6 – 9 months, etc. Buy a scrapbook to fill in with magazine cutouts and add notes, use a to-do list app, or use Pinterest to grab some cool ideas. You can use whatever tool(s) you find useful and appropriate. It’s your wedding and you get to decide.


Using Pinterest (or any internet tool for that matter) can be a little bit overwhelming, but it’s a great place to get visual ideas for the concept of your wedding. You can show the pins later to your vendors so you can help them visualize what kind of concept you are after for your big day.


After you start planning, you will get a lot of ideas, suggestions and advice from your friends and family. You might want to avoid them in an attempt to avoid stress but you can really get cool ideas and tips from the people around you. Instead of listening to them over and over, set up a meeting with them and listen to them. You might find a great venue recommendation from a friend or a great dress in a friend’s favorite boutique. Your married friends could have great vendor contacts too. Use any help available in your circle and gather up as much information as you can from people who have been through the wedding path already. It will be slightly overwhelming to listen to a lot of different opinions and advice (specially when it doesn’t seem to match with your concept) but it’s wonderful to have so many people caring about you and helping you!


Another thing to keep in mind is to be aware that changing opinions on the road is ok. Don’t be afraid to answer questions from your vendors because you haven’t decided on something. You will find later on the road that there were times you changed your mind about something you thought was final. Don’t overthink it.



And the last piece of advice I have for you is: if you have your perfect fit, go for it. Be true to your concept and stand firm even if friends, family or vendors suggest the other way around. It is your dream day! You will have a great time and the memory of that day will be with you for the rest of your lives!